A Marvelous Lepacy Chapter One

I’d like to start by saying I am very mad at Sims 4 right now. The most recent update (November 17th) BROKE MY FREAKING SAVES. So now, here I am forced to do a total challenge rehaul. So, I’m done with Sims 4 for now. 

This is my first time EVER recording something for the Sims 2. Expect a steep learning curve mixed with my usual stupidity. 

Take a good look at these stats, you won’t be seeing them again LMAO.
Take a good look at these stats, you won’t be seeing them again LMAO.
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The Green Machines 1.1

Hello! It’s been a minute since I updated this challenge, fair warning lots of swearing and cursing the existence of toddlers in the Sims 4. I have dropped the Aspirational Family challenge, going over all my tasks I realised that that on top of everything else would be too much.

As a recap, Yvette has to do the following to complete her generation:

1.) Obtain a Distinguished Degree [ ] 

2.) Join and achieve max rank in the Debate Guild [ ]

3.) Receive the Affizionado Trait [ ] 

4.) Become a spellcaster [*]

5.) 3 Pregnancies B[*] O[ ] O[ ]

6.) Have a graduation photo hung up [ ]

7.) Top a career [ ]

8.) Max 5 Skills [ ]

9.) Write a non-fiction novel [ ]

As you can see, we have a lot of work to do. 

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O'Henry CEA 1.1

Welcome back to my attempt at the CEA Challenge! Last time, Gustavo got abducted by aliens for the first time, got his rocket up and running and wooed Leslie Holland. 

This update, I noticed the O’Henry clan has enough money to upgrade the house a bit. 

So here’s the updated house!

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Nooboos Galore 1.1

I'm having so much fun playing Sims again, so here's another Nooboos Galore update! 

Last time, Ashton gave birth to Baby A, Akiva! This time, Baby S is born and more stuff happens. 

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Jewel Robbins: The Immortal Teenager. Part 1

Welcome to the Immortal Teen Challenge, I saw it on Boolprop and just had to give it a try. It’s a shorter challenge, and I want that medal gosh darn it lmao.

(Also this got LONG, I am sorry. I did not keep track of how long I was playing.) 

I’ll be doing these extra challenges on top of the original 13:

· Well Rounded: 5 Positive Parenthood Traits

· School Nerd: Max 5 Skills

· Teenage Risk: Play with aging on

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